How Nanotechnology is Helping Develop Advanced Materials

Rachel Smith, Applied Technology Review | Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Rachel Smith, Applied Technology Review

The manufacturers are using nanotechnology because it increases energy consumption efficiency and helps clean the environment.

FREMONT, CA: In the past few decades, nanotechnology has grown immensely. It can be described as a research and innovation field related to creating things like materials and devices on the scale of atoms and molecules. Furthermore, nanotechnology can increase energy consumption efficiency, help clean the environment, and even solve essential health problems. It can also boost manufacturing production at a significantly lower price.

Nanotechnology comprises the characterization, application, design, and production of nanoscale structures, systems, and devices. They can develop structures, devices, and systems with at least one novel property or characteristic. Moreover, it also has a massive impact on almost every field of industries, research, technology, and development. It also offers cleaner, safer, better built, and smarter production for communications, homes, transportations, industries, agriculture, and medicine.

The manufacturing sector is extensively using the potential of nanotechnology. The industry is using it for developing more practical and secure lubricants because it can be helpful in various ways for the sectors. It can even be constructive in automotive manufacturing because the tire producers use polymer nanocomposites in the high-end tires to improve their strength and resistance to work on the nanoscale. Apart from nanomaterials, nanoelectronics and nanorobotics are also mostly related to manufacturing.

Nanotechnology in Manufacturing

Nanomanufacturing is defined as the scaled-up, repeatable, and cost-efficient manufacturing process of nanoscale materials, devices, structures, and systems. The materials and devices are then used for developing innovative next-generation products, which offer better performance at a reduced cost and improved sustainability.

Many manufacturers are utilizing nanotechnology to build products with enhanced abilities or to reduce their manufacturing expenses. The introduction of nanotechnology in the manufacturing sector is always compared with the traditional technologies that have disrupted modern societies with semiconductors, electricity, plastic, and many other items.

Furthermore, nanotechnology applications also offer transformative enhancement in the materials' performance and strength for medicine, construction, agriculture, clothing, electronics, energy, machine tools, transportation, and many more. The technologically innovative products like tablets, targeted therapeutic drugs, smartphones, and computers have benefitted from nanotechnology. In electronics, it helps the manufacturers of small electronics and electrical units with nanoscale transistors made out of carbon nanotubes.

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