How Will Aircraft Nano Coating Affect the Global Market?

Applied Tech Review | Friday, October 16, 2020

In the next few years, the nanotechnology-enabled coatings for aircraft will significantly impact the global market in terms of size, revenue, and other aspects.

FREMONT, CA: Over the last two decades, nanostructure technology which is a broad and interdisciplinary area of R&D activities, has experienced a significant shift. The technology uses structures of size smaller than 100nm in size with novel properties. It transforms the way by which materials are produced while retaining or augmenting the functionalities of the same. Now, the aerospace and defense research analysts have started using nanotechnology-enabled coatings for aircraft. The use of nanocoating will address the challenges associated with corrosion, wear and tear of high-value material and components used in aviation and their abrasion. Advanced Engineering technologies will help to modify composite material-based coating to include extremely durable characteristics.

Anti-corrosion nanocoatings can be applied to a broad spectrum of steel substrates. These coatings can also be used on various onboard systems and equipment, including valve trains, breaks, and bearings. Further, nanoscale thermal spray coating that is used on aircraft surfaces is gaining traction. 

Nanocoating ensures superior toughness, strain tolerance, greater thermal resistance and lower thermal conductivity. The development of an enhanced nanotextured anti-icing surface to be applied on the aircraft surface has become necessary to eliminate problems associated with ice formation on the aircraft surface or within the systems and components. Many companies in the market are researching to develop nanotechnology-enabled coatings for aircraft for commercial and military purpose. The military aircraft owns a substantial share through applications, thus accounting for 68 percent of the market share. They develop anti-corrosion and abrasion nanocoatings, anti-icing nano coatings, nano thermal coatings which hold a comparatively more significant share in the global market, accounting for about 63%.

In the next few years, the nanotechnology-enabled coatings for aircraft will broadly impact the global market in terms of its size, revenue and more. Analyzing the emerging trends and their impact on present and future development, scientists should continuously work towards the creation of advanced nanocoatings that ensure protection for aircraft.

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