Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, January 21,2021

Feature of the Week

In some places, the digital sector has boomed in the past years. However, the essential barriers have till existed for smallholders, concerning the access to new technologies.  Read more
These days, whoever is working on modern agriculture emphasizes efficiency. A broad array of technologies helps in allowing the transition of modern agriculture in the field.  Read more
The technological revolution has fueled the emergence of new trends across various sectors, including marine engineering.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Andy Newsom, Senior VP, Chief Information Officer, CSL Group  
One of the technologies in the manufacturing sector that is having a tremendous impact on operations is Manufacturing Execution Systems or MES. Prior to MES, there was no connection between ERP and shop floor syste  Read more

Featured Vendors

By L. Pierre de Rochemont, Founder & GM,   
Offers patented manufacturing solutions to unleash nanotechnology’s full potential by forming large material bodies with nanoscale grains and compositional precision. One of the Top NanoTech Solution Providers, Frontier NanoSystems’ solutions...  Read more
By Richard Hicks, Inventor & The President of Technical Department Ben Song, Inventor & CEO,   
H2OIL offers a novel nanotechnology-based solution for cutting costs, reducing pollution and lowering the fossil fuel market's impact on the global climate crisis. With more than two decades of R&D expertise in additives for fuels and engine oils,...  Read more
By Randall Stuewe, CEO,   
Creates sustainable food, feed and fuel ingredients that are marketed internationally to the pharmaceutical, food, animal feed, pet food, biofuel, fertilizer, sports nutrition and cosmetic industries As an ingredient’s specialist with in-depth...  Read more

CXO Insights

By David Challinor, Head of Automation (Wing), Airbus  
Today, robots and heavy automation assets are performing tasks quicker, cheaper, safer, and to a higher standard than their human counterparts in manufacturing plants around the world.  Read more
By Nenad Veselinovic, Intelligent Automation, Ilmarinen  
AI has a much better chance of securing its place in the enterprise architecture.  Read more
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