Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Oct 6, 2022

Feature of the Week

Raising living standards and reversing the recent decline in labour productivity in several OECD nations would require developing new digital technologies.  Read more
The electronics industry has undergone a transformation that has introduced several small, effective gadgets into daily life.  Read more
Automation is becoming increasingly popular among manufacturers to maintain a competitive edge in today's global market.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Jonathan Kroener, Head of Business Development at Rohmann GmbH.,   
Provides ECT solutions for eminent aviation, automotive, rail, and steel companies. Its state-of-the-art product line includes small hand instruments, line devices, large robot-controlled test systems, digital test equipment, and more.  Read more
By Michael Steiner, CEO,   
nanoSaar AG is the developer and owner of the patented MJR (MicroJet Reactor) technology. The MJR technology can produce emulsions, nano/micro-particles, and encapsulations of a precisely defined size using a continuous, low-cost production...  Read more

Industry Contributors

By Jon Urquhart, Director - Global Applications Engineering at PVA  
Look around. It’s no secret that electronics have become an integral part of the human experience.  Read more
By Anna Carolina Tortora, Virtual Energy System Programme Director, National Grid ESO.  
ESO Innovation has a crucial role to play to ensure businesses and consumers across Great Britain have a reliable, safe,  Read more
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