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Applied Technology Review is the knowledge-sharing platform and go-to print and digital and online magazine for the latest science and engineering-based technology products, solutions, and services used across many industries.

We mostly focus on technologies with physical interfaces that include, for example, Unmanned Systems, Rugged Technology, Nanotech, Photonics, Sensor, Environmental, and Sustainability technology solutions, etc.. We also cover technologies that model the physical world like 3D CAD, Animation, and AR/VR, etc.

If not the only one, Applied Technology Review is one of the very few publications exclusively focusing on these applied technology solutions in different industries. In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive market, to help businesses in various sectors to maintain a competitive edge, Applied Technology Review, through its print and digital magazines, websites, and newsletters, offers its readers high quality, timely, and informative news and views about these innovative technology trends and solutions, as well as insightful opinions and best practices advice from their peers about technology adoption and implementation issues in a variety of industries.

Our contributors are senior-level managers and professionals responsible for using these technologies in large to medium organizations. We aim to bring buyers’ perspectives pertaining to the needs and challenges they face in applying technology solutions for their unique requirements. Our goal is to provide a vendor-neutral platform where complex technology users can learn from challenges facing their peers and approaches being taken by different organizations to keep their organizations ahead of the competition by applying technology.

Applied Technology Review magazine is published from Fort Lauderdale, FL, with editorial support from our editors located all over the U.S. and in Europe and APAC countries. Our broad readership, unique content model, and solid reputation, combined with in-depth coverage of innovative specialized technology issues on a worldwide scale, makes Applied Technology Review the leading resource for technology buyers, business managers, technology managers, integrators, and other specialists across multiple industries using similar technology solutions.

We also provide online and on-the-ground support to industry conferences and trade shows worldwide. We provide our advertisers with a cost-effective, valuable, and useful vehicle to promote their products and services.

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