Sunseap: Shaping the Future of Viable Energy

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Sustainable energy solutions are widely adopted by companies to save costs, which is driving the development of energy efficiency software technologies. Solar energy technology is one such example, which has grown in popularity across a wide range of industries. It enables businesses to make use of sustainable, energy-efficient sources in order to save money and energy. Renewable energy and utility system software is becoming more widely available and affordable, allowing businesses to capitalize on the benefits of the solar power industry. Providing renewable energy and sustaining the environment to a greater extent is Sunseap, Singapore’s leading clean energy solutions provider, which is driving the adoption of innovation through its clean energy value chain

Sunseap Group specializes in solar power purchase agreements (PPAs), offshore clean energy supply, solar PV EPC and O&M, demand-side management, energy efficiency, and more. The consortium is the largest and most established supplier of sustainable energy solutions in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. It currently has a portfolio of solar projects in the pipeline and has completed several projects in Singapore totaling close to two GigaWatt-peak (GWp). As the company is backed by institutional equity investors, venture capitalists, and financial institutions, the company has the resources to provide a committed and bankable solution to its clients. The group’s comprehensive and holistic strategy addresses all energy demands and generates additional value for any organization, from solar photovoltaic (PV) installations to offshore clean energy supplies, energy efficiency solutions, and project finance.

In comparison to other suppliers, Sunseap’s power plants provide clean, renewable energy by reducing 25 percent of used energy intensity and 25 percent of GHG emission intensity.

As electronics become more integral in our daily lives, we continue to look for dependable solutions that will keep components reliably running in any operating environment

Electricity retailers are encouraged to innovate and provide consumers more choice and flexibility in the liberalized open market. Sunseap is a way to start taking concrete measures toward environmental preservation. Sunseap’s clean and renewable power is also offered at affordable costs around Singapore, with discounts off the Singapore’s grid operator’s standard tariff rates. Not only will the power costs be lower, but switching to solar energy will also have a less environmental impact. SP Group will continue to provide Sunseap’s consumers with the same level of grid dependability.

Sunseap offers retail sales of commercial solar energy, zero-cost solar installation for businesses (Solar PPA), energy efficiency solutions, green roofs solutions, and more for industries, in addition to delivering sustainable energy to residential regions. Sunseap’s Solar PPA is a turnkey solution that finances, installs, and maintains solar systems for businesses. Commercial building owners can reap the benefits of solar energy without paying any upfront costs. These programs only charge for solar energy used over a 20-25 year period.

In addition, the company provides multiple energy-related operations where it delivers long term solutions. One of the more recent expansions of the company was in Taiwan, where the company has set out to build a total capacity of 100MWp over the next five years. Taiwan is a promising market, and Sunseap intends to continue looking for partners to develop more renewable energy projects there. Furthermore, the company is excited to contribute to Taiwan’s zero-emission objective by 2050.
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Frank Phuan, CEO

Sunseap Group is the leading clean energy solutions provider in Singapore specializing in Solar PPA, offsite clean energy supply, EPC and O&M solar PV solutions, demand-side management, energy efficiency. Sunseap Group is the largest and most established clean energy solutions provider in Singapore, with regional operations in South East Asia Pacific. They currently have a portfolio of pipeline and completed projects that are close to 2 GigaWatt-peak (GWp) of solar projects in Singapore and around the South East Asia and Pacific region

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