Why Making the Transition from Static to Interactive Displays is Beneficial for Brands

Rachel Smith, Applied Technology Review | Thursday, June 03, 2021

Rachel Smith, Applied Technology Review

Using digital POP displays, brands can create an omnichannel strategy across multiple channels to deliver a smooth shopping experience that starts online and ends offline. In brick-and-mortar shops and online, modern, fully integrated experiences can help build recognition and drive sales.

FREMONT, CA: A point of purchase (POP) is used by marketers and retailers when placing consumer products in grocery store aisles and displayed in a weekly flyer. To attract the next generation of customers, marketing materials should be both visually and audibly innovative. Below are some benefits of incorporating technology into your retail POP display.

Long-term consequences

New ideas bear fruitful results. Technology presents many opportunities for marketing displays (including smart TVs and soundbar retail displays) that influence customers for a long time.

Motivate user actions

Sellers have competed over price and quality since time immemorial, but now customer experience plays a significant role in the purchase process. It is nearly impossible to turn a visitor into a customer if the sales assistant has a cold or does not smile. With digital POP displays, the consumer is immersed in your business. Using touchscreens, it's possible to build connections with your audience that a static display couldn't achieve.

Enrich user journey

Educating customers is a crucial role in the sales journey. Integrating touch screens or videos enables retailers to communicate with customers in a non-intrusive manner. An animation could show you how your product is used, for instance. It keeps the customer in control while they discover the benefits of your product.

Communication flexibility

Fixed message store displays cannot be updated to reflect seasonal changes or promotional offerings. You get to set the content as you wish and conduct A/B testing to learn what converts.

Boost sales

Interactive displays that offer multiple product selections boost purchase decisions by up to 50% while the customer positions to the fore of the collection.

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