Why Businesses Need Digital Video Surveillance System

Applied Tech Review | Friday, June 11, 2021

CCTV monitoring is one of today's most common surveillance forms. There are over 25 million operational CCTV cameras worldwide, and experts believe that by installing real-time security measures such as CCTV monitoring, around 67 percent of business burglaries could be avoided.

FREMONT, CA: The grainy surveillance systems operating on analogue technology once set forth an advancement in security and monitoring for industries worldwide. But with the changing times, digital video surveillance has obsolete analogue technology. Instead, executing a security camera system is about protecting a company's assets, including infrastructure assets and hard-working individuals in business operations. From hindering theft to detecting customer movement patterns, video surveillance systems provide a company with many benefits. Below are some advantages of a digital video surveillance system that benefits a business.

Preventing and reducing theft

Digital surveillance cameras or CCTV  not only capture and store more video than analogue systems, but video feed quality is also far superior. Digital cameras offer high-definition clarity and broader viewing angles. This quality enables businesses to see what's going on – good and bad – in and around their facility within their organisation. These more transparent images allow the industry to pursue charges against individuals caught stealing or vandalising property, as it can provide high-quality images in prosecuting suspects. Consequently, companies have a more effective deterrent than an analogue system that merely captures an individual with poorly defined details. Improved video resolution and coverage angles can also save a business money.

Easier installation and effective implementation

Digital systems require less equipment and help the security team operate the surveillance system more effectively. For example, analog surveillance systems need complex cameras wiring to view multiple video feeds. Today's advanced digital surveillance systems require far less installation and maintenance.

Improve and accessibility

Digital video surveillance systems store all the capture footage on DVR (digital video recorder) systems with ample storage space. This means the security team can store more digital surveillance footage than they can with analogue. In addition, instead of being trapped in the office or a computer monitoring security footage, digital video surveillance systems give the company and its security team, the flexibility of secure remote login with the facility of viewing multiple digital, feeds anywhere.


Digital video surveillance is more cost-effective and requires less physical infrastructure than an analogue system. As digital cameras produce higher-quality images with broader viewing angles, businesses also need fewer cameras to cover the same space. And digital feeds can be compressed with less space than analogue video. Furthermore, digital video cameras use CAT-5 wiring and Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) technology to combine power and video transmission in one cable, significantly enhancing the coaxial and power cables. Digital cameras also need less cable per camera. Instead of returning to the storage device, CAT-5 cables run to a nearby POE switch. As a result, digital cameras can be added and easily integrated into the network.

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