Which Monitor Display is Best for Gaming?

Applied Tech Review | Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Gamers want the best gaming experience possible, but the critical distinctions between TN and IPS gaming monitors can leave them perplexed when purchasing a new monitor.

FREMONT, CA: TN (Twisted Nematic) panels are among gamers' most popular monitors. Their fastest response times to IPS and VA panels make them ideal for gamers. TN monitors are generally cheaper than their IPS counterparts. IPS (In-Plane Switching) panels show crisp images and sharp colour detail. This assembles them the best for image editing, video editing, and content creation, but they do not perform well in producing better blacks. VA panels have the capabilities of IPS and TN panels. They're somewhat in the middle, separated as MVA and PVA. With all the different features, it's hard to choose the right one for gamers. Below are some differences between TN vs IPS vs VA monitors to ultimately help gamers decide.

Time to reply

Overall, TN monitors have fast response times. With 1ms to less than 5ms response time, playing competitive games with these monitors give gamers the edge. IPS monitors used to take time, with their response times ranging from 5ms to 8ms depending on the brand. This is no longer the case, with IPS monitors being as responsive as TN overall. While response times are somewhat irrelevant when choosing between TN, IPS, or VA, gamers pay more for an IPS panel than TN or VA.

Angles of View

TN monitors have poor viewing angles over IPS monitors. They cannot compete with their IPS and VA counterparts. Gamers also notice that when viewed from both sides and above or below, colours change. IPS monitors have wider angles. Unlike TN panels, colours don't shift, where colours can look washed out if gamers are before the display. VA monitors also have a great viewing angle than TN monitors colours but cannot compete with IPS monitors. Colours change from different angles when viewed, but it's less noticeable than with TN.


Due to the speed with which TN monitors reproduce images, they are ideal for gaming. If gamers are looking to save money on their next monitor upgrade, TN monitors deliver excellent performance at a lower price point. They are a perfect addition for anyone who enjoys competitive FPS gaming. IPS monitors feature the exact fast response times and high refresh rates, with no drawbacks, so if gamers have a decent budget, they go to IPS.


TN monitors are one of the most prominent types of monitors for most users, owing to their affordability. IPS and VA monitors are typically more expensive but offer comparable performance specifications, wider viewing angles, and vibrant colour reproduction.

Whether it's a TN, IPS, or VA panel, selecting the right monitor should not be determined by what most people use. The monitor gamers choose must satisfy their personal preferences and do justice to the games they play.

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