What are the Advantages 3D CAD is Providing the Automotive Industry?

By Rachel Smith, Applied Technology Review | Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Rachel Smith, Applied Technology Review

The 3D CAD modeling can help the automotive manufacturers to produce components of the vehicles flexibly.

FREMONT, CA: From technological, cultural, social, and economic viewpoints, the automotive industry must fix design issues. Strategic concepts for optimal energy efficiency in motor vehicles can be carried out using 3D modeling. The days of utilizing this approach only for the production of prototypes and aesthetic forms are gone.

3D Modeling's Changing Role in Today's Automotive Segment

3D printing of prototypes and vehicle parts has become simpler with the advent of innovations like FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication). Parts printed in 3D are comparatively cheap and can be easily created. As multiple options can be exercised, components can be produced flexibly as necessary. Industrial 3D printers will soon have obsolete steel sheet fusing welding equipment.

3D modeling provides substantial cost savings for automotive production.

1) Reduction in Inventory Levels

Typically, in remote warehouses, they store parts that are low in demand and costly. It quickly renders them inaccessible. The lead time for delivery is also higher. By 3D printing parts on a need basis, the warehouses can solve such problems. It is beneficial for brands such as Porsche that produce small quantities of cars. For cost savings, replacement parts are not kept. Therefore, when ordered, the brand can now 3D print the part at the customer's location.

2) Shortening of Assembly Line

Without assembling several parts, the manufacturers can get intricate designs produced by additive manufacturing. They can decrease assembly time with 3D CAD modeling and can effectively tackle quality problems. For instance, Selective Laser Melting helps to print metal parts in 3D. Production costs are decreased, and efficiency is increased because single printed components do not struggle with leakage issues.

3) Simplifying of Supply Chain

If companies are a part of an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), they will be aware of the difficulties of handling large supply chains and working with numerous suppliers of automotive components. To successfully control the supply chain, it is necessary to spend a considerable amount of money and time. By outsourcing 3D part modeling and printing processes, they can get away from the burden.

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