Victaulic Increases Fire Safety with the Release of FireLock NXT 768N

By Applied Tech Review | Saturday, October 17, 2020

EASTON, PA: Victaulic releases the latest version of its dry valve, FireLock NXT, called the 768N.

Victaulic are manufacturers of mechanical pipe joining solutions, grooved pipe joining and fire protection systems with their main priorities being safety, reliability and efficiency. Their latest release - the 768N, comes with many upgrades and modifications with simplified setup and maintenance.

The new version sees the actuator being moved to the front and the priming manifold being moved down on the right, both for easy access. It has a QR code on the front of the valve, allowing fitters to access setup and maintenance instructions. It also has improved features such as low air pressure, single set points, smaller compressors and pre-set pressure switches. Three new additional innovative features in this version are:

Specifically engineered threads on the strainer cartridges for air and priming manifold.

The trim is divided by air on the left and water on the right, which are brought to the sides to aid in accessibility

The trim has been reduced to three labeled manifolds, namely air, priming and alarm manifolds.

“The simplified design of the NXT dry valve and facilitating this kind of access to information and resources shows the industry how committed Victaulic is to our customers and will continue to be as we move into the future,” said Daniel Wake, Product Manager, Victaulic.

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