Ultimate Radar Solution for In-Cabin Sensing

Applied Tech Review | Thursday, February 25, 2021

bitsensing's partnership with Infineon shows significant progress towards building safer smart cities and elevating connected living by developing radar solutions for all.

FREMONT, CA: bitsensing, a South Korean imaging radar technology startup, partners with the world leader in semiconductor solutions Infineon Technologies to revamp the in-cabin experience with the release of the 60GHz MOD620 radar. The MOD620 was developed by bitsensing and allowed by Infineon to provide a powerful safety monitoring solution that drivers can trust.

The MOD620 avoids casualty by efficiently detecting the presence and vital signs of in-cabin occupants and sending the driver alerts if a child is left unattended inside a vehicle. Designed by bitsensing engineers and allowed by Infineon, the MOD620 comprehensive monitoring solution matches the specific in-cabin needs for any vehicle offering continuous and limitless detection, regardless of clothes or blankets.

 This is an important moment in bitsensing's history. It has dedicated the last three years to strategically engineering innovative radar technology that can use existing top-tier chipsets to address this need in the market. bitsensing is the first Korean startup that can offer all aspects of auto-grade radar solutions in-house. The world-class engineers designed the MOD620 with the Infineon Chipset to provide a new level of confidence in safety for a sector that demands excellence, reliability, and unmatched intelligence.

To develop the premier in-cabin sensing radar, bitsensing rearranged the hardware configuration and redesigned the antenna. Powerful computing is attained through the MCU, making it possible for radar data to be signal-processed. The MMIC transmits and gets signals through electromagnetic waves for identification. Simultaneously, the antenna is integrated with RF energy from the radar transmission line into the propagation medium and vice versa. These components function together seamlessly for an innovative caliber of radar performance.

The MOD620 reliably finds in-car passenger presence and location. It can also identify in real-time the presence of a child left in a car, even when the car is shut down and locked and monitor the vital signs of occupants and send an alert if there are any abnormalities. bitsensing's MOD620 captures all rear-seat space maintaining the top quality for in-cabin solutions. The rearrangeable antenna in the MOD620 allows for customization in channel length compensation, Field of View, and matching circuits for transmitters and receivers.

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