Types of Modern Smart Wearables

Applied Tech Review | Saturday, November 27, 2021

Smart wearables are expected to become increasingly popular in the future, not only because of their basic computer capabilities, but also because of their highly reliable health tracking services.

Fremont, CA:Over the previous ten years, wearable smart gadgets have gained a steady following among customers, sometimes known as wearables. Smartwatches like the Apple Watch are probably the most well-known wearables, but there have been and continue to be numerous more types of wearables. Head-mounted displays (HMDs), clothing, and jewelry are all examples of modern wearable technology on the market.  Being in contact with the user's body, these devices can not only perform many fundamental computing operations, similar to laptops and smartphones, but they can also perform unique health-tracking services, such as calorie tracking and sleep monitoring.

Types of modern smart wearables:


Implantables communicate with the user's body from the inside rather than via the skin. For example, a firm Proteus manufactured sensor-containing pills that could monitor blood pressure and other health metrics; after swallowing the pills, the user could wear an external device to readily monitor the data gathered from within the body. Smart tattoos may be accessible in the near future for patients who desire a simple method to remember to keep their monitoring equipment with them at all times.


Smartwatches are probably the most well-known and widely utilized smart wearables in the office today. When a smartwatch is connected to a smartphone, the wearer may read and send new messages from their watch without holding and viewing their phone. Apple's Apple Watch, beginning with the Series 4 product line, allows users to acquire an ECG heart reading without the usage of any other equipment, while the Matrix PowerWatch Series 2 can charge using solar power and body heat instead of electricity.

Smart jewelry

The logical consequence of continuing research into how to incorporate health-tracking capabilities into compact smart wearables is smart jewelry. The smart ring is perhaps the most well-known type of smart jewelry. Smart rings are worn on the finger like regular rings, but they also collect health-tracking data that the user may check later on their smartphone. Smart jewelry comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, from bangles to bracelets, with some designs designed by well-known fashion brands.

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