Top 3 industries that should adopt rugged technology

Rachel Smith, Applied Technology Review | Wednesday, February 10, 2021

FREMONT, CA: Rugged technologies are used to make sure that the workers stay connected. It helps in enhancing productivity. The rugged mobile tech helps the enterprises to get the accurate data of the site as well as workers.

When people think of BYOD, they might probably think of employees bringing their mobile devices to and from a traditional office building. In reality, there are a lot of organizations where the office is not confined to the four walls and a cubicle. Given below is a list of industries where rugged technology must be used.

Oil and Gas

Offshore and onshore rigs offer unique environments for the oil and gas industry. When using mobile devices, they must be built to withstand just about anything, including a rig’s harsh environment of salt, chemicals, machinery, and moisture. On a more local level, oil and gas industries are using rugged devices to fuel delivery personnel, and service technicians in the field to more efficiently serve customers, access real-time route data, and adjust schedules on the go.

Supply Chain

To help supply chain and logistics workers sustain precise inventories and ensure that products are delivered to the right place at the right time, mobile devices are needed to move goods through the supply chain efficiently. These devices must be strong enough to withstand the conditions on the warehouse floor and the road. Traditional mobile devices cannot handle drops from a forklift or tremendous temperatures and rainy weather while out for delivery like a rugged device can.

Retail Warehouse/ Back Office

The retail warehouse and back-office ecosystem continue to develop as brick and mortar and online stores blend. Employees are equipped with versatile mobile devices that can tell consumers where their product is and when it will arrive, accurately service and bill, load trucks, and move goods in the warehouse more professionally, whether by hand or by forklift. Mobile devices that offer enterprise-grade performance, enhanced security, flexible form factors, and versatile mounting options help optimize workflows and enhance efficiencies for retailers. As a result, they can reduce costs and improve productivity.

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