Top 3 Firefighting Techniques Raising the Safety Bars

Applied Tech Review | Friday, October 16, 2020


Making safety-first a top agenda, firefighting innovators combine the power of sound, sight, and detection to found futuristic fire Protection techniques.       

FREMONT, CA: Technology has profoundly advanced the fire protection strategy and fire risk assessments. With the significant focus on developing new and compact techniques for fire safety, the digital era offers high-tech innovative firefighting solutions. Developers are putting efforts to combine and advance different methods to make the fire fighting quicker, easier, and more effective.

• Voice Evacuation and Messaging

Smart technologies like integrated voice evacuation and messaging to alert in case of fire break out frame the innovative brilliance of innovation. The technology uses distributed intelligence to give voice instructions to building occupants while customizing them to their particular location and help escape safely. The standard voice evacuation systems can maintain schedules to assure the detectors, fire alarm stations, control panels, water flow switches, and emergency voice evacuation system accessories and their proper functionality.

The system provides a useful, fast, and safe evacuation guide for emergencies. With clear verbal instructions for occupants, the system increases the survivability and reduces the emerging risks. Voice evacuation brings numerous benefits such as the ability to guide the occupant to a safe and specific exit route, give detailed information of the nature of the alert and action to take, reduce the chance of false alarms, and can be customized according to the infrastructural facility and needs. The high-tech fire fighting system has built-in redundancy, which creates an integrated back-up of each voice evacuation, allows customization and independent operability to the amplifier’s messages. The unified voice evacuation and messaging system offer facilities to the high-rise buildings to the multi-building campuses.    

 Water Mist Technique

An advanced water-mist fire protection system is capable of suppressing engine fire automatically and limiting the suspension of dangerous smoke and harmful carcinogens. With the market value of $9.1 billion, the water-mist application dominates the global fire safety and protection technology market. The technology offers various segments, including wet sprinklers, dry sprinklers, deluge sprinklers, pre-action sprinklers, and segment system. The latest water mist system with high pressure is designed to extinguish fires in commercial kitchen environments with conventional wet chemical systems and potential messy clean-up process.

Water mist with intermediate pressure includes turbine enclosures, machinery spaces, hydraulic pump rooms, etc. Water mist with low pressure consists of the alarm value equipment and rotor to improve the water droplet momentum and distribution. It can direct water at a wider angle with a protective water curtain and greater reach. Primarily, the water mist systems for fire protection effectively suppress the heat of both the flame and surrounding gases by evaporation. It offers advantages like immediate activation, minimum water damage, less water consumption, and superiorly covers the protected volume.

• Video Image Smoke Detection

Smart video analytics makes it possible to harness advanced technologies for firefighting solutions. Today, video analytics are used to detect smoke and related critical situations at an early stage. As the presence of cameras for safety purpose can be seen in most of the buildings, including houses, schools, offices, stores, and others, the implementation of detection technique with video capturing devices increases the life protection standards. Unlike the sensing or having any physical contact with dust or smoke before alerting, the innovative system sees the danger and its origin to inform earlier and deliver more detailed information. The video analytical system can easily integrate with LAN, Fire Alarm Control Panel, and other notification servers.

However, the firefighting systems are unlimited in today’s era, some more techniques like fire and carbon monoxide detector, personalized vocal smoke alarms, and sound wave fire extinguisher are the latest technologies contributing to the sector. Taking advantage of sound waves, video, detection, and distribution technologies, innovations raise the fire protection level than ever before. 

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