The Significance of Adopting IoT in SCADA System

Applied Tech Review | Wednesday, April 06, 2022

SCADA systems are used by industries to control, monitor, and analyze their processes in real-time. It aids in the establishment of an extensive system for industrialists, allowing them to perform better and generate more cash.

FREMONT, CA: Internet of Things is a disruptive technology that consists of sensors, gateways, and interactive dashboards to improve overall business productivity. The existing industrial SCADA system is restricted to factory floors and can only access data retrieved from factory equipment within the facility. IoT can play a significant part in improving data accessibility and operability across industries. As a result, integrating IoT technology with current SCADA systems can undoubtedly empower enterprises with important scalability, interoperability, and better security of overall industrial operations.

Interconnected Communication

The Internet of Things places a significant emphasis on machine-to-machine Communication, in which industrial equipment is linked together through sensor devices, gateways, and other technological advances. Integrating IoT into current SCADA systems makes it easier for managers to have a real-time record of industrial activities. Furthermore, IoT technology enables instant access through smart gadget connectivity, which shows the user's selected device information. IoT combined with a SCADA system boosts machine-to-machine Communication and transforms how industries work.

Acquisition of Data

If your industry employs a SCADA system, combining an IoT solution will significantly improve the data collection process. While a SCADA system allows remote human intervention with an industrial process, IoT technology focuses on machine-to-machine connectivity. The obtained data proved successful in providing reports of production and utility sectors within an industry by leveraging the capabilities of the Internet of Things. Data capture is thus one of the essential advantages of integrating IoT with the SCADA system, allowing for better data comprehension and extraction.

Enhanced Security Measures

Traditional SCADA systems lack systematic security measures effectively addressed by IoT-based remote monitoring, anomaly detection, and safe data transfer. It ensures server and application protection throughout the data center. Thus, incorporating a relevant IoT-based solution decreases the likelihood of data breach and enables managers to keep a live watch of the plant's operation and necessary details. Security is one of the essential parts of data-driven manufacturing, and maintaining such a system necessitates a well-informed infrastructure.

Remote Control and Monitoring

Consumers and industrialists can configure the entire system, making an IoT SCADA a completely custom-built SCADA system. However, as the amount of data captured grows, asset owners request that predictive algorithms, optimum asset health conditions, and cost savings be combined. As a result, employing IoT solutions for the industrial SCADA system is effective in plant management and close monitoring.

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