The Role of Technology in Saving Environment

Applied Tech Review | Friday, October 16, 2020

Today, technological innovations have the potential to solve the ecological problems we face. Using them wisely and developing sustainable ideas is a critical step in saving the environment, helping it to adapt to climate change, reducing the impact of global warming, cleaning up polluted areas and taking care of our health.

Technology can make a difference to the world with its various contributions in helping the environment currently:


The production of biofuel facilitates the usage of biotech for environmental purposes. Using of microorganisms is known as bioremediation which employs bacteria or fungi to decontaminate wastewater from cities.

Biomaterials are used to store carbon dioxide which helps in reducing the greenhouse effect and global warming. With such advancements in technology shows that science and technology will be much better prepared to meet any future challenges. This will lead to an environment-friendly economy that generates qualified employment.


Technology applied in agriculture helps in developing and improving crops. This shows how biotech can produce crops resistant to climate change. Such genetically modified crops include resistance to certain pests and chemical treatments, diseases, stressful environmental conditions, improving the nutrient profile of the crops.


The technological improvements in renewables seen more are efficient. The most recognized and essential eco-friendly advancements have been in the clean energy sector. Renewable energy sources such as solar, hydroelectric power and wind have become more economical and widespread in usage.


The technology is helping in changing the structure of the house with devices like smart thermostats and motion-activated lighting. These technologies make it easier to use power when it is needed saving both energy and money. Gadgets have the potential to reduce energy usage significantly.


Technology also helps in ensuring that the environmental policies implemented by the government are being followed correctly. With technology, the official authorities can keep an eye on poachers who frequently hunt endangered animals. The conservationists use technologies like drones, geospatial measurement of air pollution, environment technology simulation testing and so on.


In recent years, the usage of electric cars has risen steadily, and hybrid vehicles have become common. The technical improvements in the costs of the batteries used in electric cars are dropping as well. According to an industrial source, by 2022 electric cars will be cheaper than the traditional vehicles.

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