The Benefits of Implementing Indoor Positioning Analytics for Businesses

Applied Tech Review | Monday, June 20, 2022

Indoor positioning software improves indoor mapping experiences by allowing users to see their location in real-time within a venue.

FREMONT, CA: Indoor positioning systems (IPS) are similar to GPS for indoor locations. These systems can detect real-time positions to determine the coordinates of people or assets inside a building using a variety of approaches. These coordinates are frequently displayed visually by a blue dot on a digital interior map to provide further context to the users. While this technology aids customers in navigating indoor places, it also benefits businesses by providing them with valuable insights and statistics. Property managers can receive analytical data on how their map is used by clients using indoor positioning technology and an indoor mapping platform. It includes thorough visitor reports and information on how visitors engage with your space and their intentions while on your premises.

Customer satisfaction

Facility managers can utilize maps to create spatial analytics and search data to understand user intent better, giving them a better picture of what consumers are looking for. The analysis might assist you in identifying areas where you could invest in boosting sales at your home. If you discover that a significant portion of your visitors is looking for a specific store in your mall, a vendor at your stadium, or another site that isn't currently available at your venue, you might consider adding it.

Technology integration

Indoor positioning analytics emphasizes real-time events within a location for various objectives and in multiple industries to improve the company. Other interfaces with your indoor mapping software, such as an integrated workplace management system, can provide location analytics. Maps allow employees to submit issues when a vending machine fails, fax machine malfunctions, or any other problem arises. These insights are used to make judgments about your property.

Promotions, events, and targeted content

You may optimize marketing efforts and serve highly relevant content, promotions, and events that create more significant foot traffic and revenue at your site by determining what your visitors want. When customers walk by locations such as retailers or concession stands, indoor placement allows you to send targeted offers to encourage them to make a purchase. Indoor positioning analytics will enable you to understand your visitors' habits better and target them both inside and outside your venue.



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