Technology Trends that can Transform Agriculture

Rachel Smith, Applied Technology Review | Thursday, August 26, 2021

E-Agriculture is a new phenomenon and is dramatically changing processes in farming and food production.

FERMONT, CA: The impact of technology has benefited every sector, including agriculture. Information technology helps farmers build innovative farming models and techniques. It has changed how farmers manage crops and livestock.  Here is a list of technologies that aid in making agriculture better.

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology in agriculture provides a more efficient and cost-effective method for sharing and exchanging knowledge more widely. Farmers can access essential information such as pest and disease reports, weather conditions, and market prices. It can also help improve communication between farmers and extension workers, who cannot visit farmers as often as both parties would like.

Big Data, Analytics, and Smart Farming

Data analytics is a common tool being utilized for ‘smart farming’ by many agri-businesses to cut costs and increase yields. It also improves the whole supply chain. Farm offices collect information about crop yields, fertilizer applications, soil mapping, weather patterns, and animal health, by applying big data analytics. Armed with data from soil sensors, GPS-equipped tractors, and external sources, such as local weather channels, farmers can manage essential resources, including seed, fertilizer, and pesticides, while increasing productivity.

Cloud Computing for Farm Management

Farmers can better manage crops and their business through SaaS. Cloud-based agricultural services give access to vital information anywhere at any time.

RFID and Security Technologies

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) helps in agricultural tracking and security. Additionally, it can also help track cattle or for health monitoring of each animal daily. Cutting down on impure food shipments can also be done through security tagging.

Communication is at the core

The smooth functioning of e-agriculture is reliable on the communication network and computer infrastructure. Farmers become more dependent on data and technology. Their communication network needs to be strong, which helps in forming an integral part of their farm operations.

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