Technology drives the future of digital signage

Rachel Smith, Applied Technology Review | Monday, February 08, 2021

Digital signage is a new dimension of silver-casting. This specialized technique serves as a platform for video advertising by providing advanced functionality to display multimedia content such as videos on a bigger screen to catch the attention of a broader audience. With a transmitter and a receptor, dynamic signage concepts help in projecting the video content on public displays by connecting the loader or the transmitting device, which is generally a computer system, to the device at the receiving end, which is a large-sized digital screen such as plasma TV or an LCD monitor. As almost every industry gives importance to marketing and advertising, digital signage is used in various fields such as mobility, healthcare, transportation systems, education, corporate, distribution and dealership sectors, banking and finance, public places and the list continues.

Influenced by tech developments, digital signage combines supporting techniques such as multimedia data compression, network data communication and Internet-based monitoring to streamline components and processes involved in a successful result-driven digital signage. The continuous evolution of the digital signage technology has promoted customized, user-responsive and innovative services. Becoming smarter and faster the next generation digital signage works on wireless technology. To add upon, this technology develops its unique software platform to host the signage. The entirely reliable and ultra-fast real-time host ensures active and high-quality video transmission and display.

In the coming days, digital signage operates in conjunction with artificial intelligence. AI-based digital sign systems are sure to offer high-scaled data management functions like data acquisition and analysis. Encouraging improved interoperability the signage can connect to multiple screens and forecast content to achieve widespread reach. Supporting accuracy, advanced and responsive digital signage finds its utility in areas like cross-promotion, transforming it completely.

It’s time to view ads at a magnified level. The videos, which were earlier rising to fame on smartphones, desktops or laptops, can now create a more significant impact with the never-ending tech-driven developments and inventions. 


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