Technological Breakthroughs Enhancing the Agility of Cleanrooms

Applied Tech Review | Monday, January 03, 2022

“The modular construction principles have undergone significant modifications with soft-walled modular construction materials, which are changing the industry for enhanced performances and success rates.”

The soaring demand for cleanrooms across the globe culminates the pressing need for innovations and steady trailblazing growth. At the crux, cleanrooms are crucial for efficient manufacturing practices for prevention of contamination during high standard research and production processes. Hence, the organisations that utilise sophisticated cleanroom technologies are a few steps ahead in achieving the usual standards and ensuring safety and superiority.

Originally, cleanroom infrastructures were built with one design-stick-built, constructed with individual construction parts onsite. But with the evolving design types that address common issues of regulatory control and the efficiencies of cleanroom operation, the overall picture of cleanroom technologies is changing today. The modular construction principles have undergone significant modifications with soft-walled modular construction materials, which are changing the industry for enhanced performances and success rates. The trend of alternative retrofit has emerged as a design that allows expanding a cleanroom’s original layout. This offers advantages of ensuring ample opportunity for space and growth with no requirement to rebuild from scratch. Further, modularity enables improved technological usage and agile re-utilisation of space—the reason why these are being utilised substantially for rapid manufacturing responses and risk management. More importantly, in case of any alteration in the internal processes or external environmental factors, these designs can seamlessly adapt to the changes while efficiently catering to the needs. Experts in this field often opine that almost every part of the walls and ceiling systems can be reused, allowing not only changes but complete reinstallation and dismantling elsewhere. Additionally, the filters in most of these infrastructures can be reconfigured according to different ISO requirements, making these even more convenient.

Besides, with sustainability becoming a concept of increasing concern that each industry must address for the betterment of future generations, greener cleanrooms are the new focus. In the last decade, an assortment of construction materials for cleanrooms has been modified, and a variety of sustainable practices is being implemented for improving the environment. The cleanrooms leverage a collective sum of energy to maintain ideal controlled conditions, thereby creating greener spaces. Again, these infrastructures prioritise water conservation technologies to help reduce water wastage through energy-efficient and low-flow sinks. Utilising this energy-efficient equipment not only supports the sustainability efforts but facilitates the manufacturing companies to preserve resources while innovating products. Today, manufacturers focus on green consumables that help to mitigate the pain point of accumulated waste from single use, toxic and non-biodegradable items that are discarded. These can include biodegradable cleanroom wipers, reusable containers for raw material deliveries and cleanroom bond paper alternatives.

The sustainable and modular design of cleanrooms renders a cost-effective option that doesn’t just save expenses but is easy-to-run. The lower costs are generally achieved from lesser energy consumption techniques applied for running the operations in the rooms.

Over the years, the breakthrough designs of cleanrooms have driven compelling performances. Modular cleanrooms with tailored designs affect the critical processes and needs positively, helping in achieving a secure, contamination-free environment. Additionally, as the organisations evolve, the modern cleanrooms can cater to the changing needs, eliminating the need for costs for setting up new cleanrooms as these can accommodate significant changes.  


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