Tech Developments in ICT Market

Applied Tech Review | Monday, July 25, 2022

The technology development of the ICT market leads to a spark in tech-related activities and also for the welfare of children in the tech world.

FORMAT, CA: Singapore is considered to be one of the most developed ICT markets and among the most technologically advanced populations. It continues to evaluate cutting-edge technologies that could benefit its digital economy, including artificial intelligence (AI), cloud/quantum computing, data analytics, and others. The nation has developed a top-tier, internationally competitive technology sector and promotes youth involvement in tech-related activities that may spark a lifelong interest in any technological programme. To keep the youngsters engaged, GovTech Singapore has pushed several tech-related activities–wise use of their time and energy.

Even though coding skills are in high demand on the job market right now, life is not all work and no play. Numerous educational institutions are providing coding instruction to children of all ages. Both parents and children are allowed to operate drones and rovers at the Singapore Science Centre. At the Drone-Rover area, the young pilots' skills will be put to the test in a specially constructed arena that blends indoor and outdoor elements.

Understanding how 3D printing functions and how it might be applied in various medical situations is one thing; doing so is quite another. Numerous 3D printing workshops are available at the Science Centre, but be sure to confirm with the organiser that there is no minimum age restriction before registering. This is because 3D printing involves the use of delicate machinery. Researching robotic arms that, when programmed, can dance and solve Rubik's cubes. Experiencing exhibitions on topics like biometrics, blockchain, AI, sensors, geospatial technology, and user experience will give you a comprehensive tech immersion with an exhibition covering.

Children can learn how technology is increasingly influencing daily city life after being amazed by the model buildings creating a miniature rendering of Singapore's landscape at the Smart Nation Cityscape, including supporting the planning of towns and facilities and being placed in the infrastructure. As part of the Smart Nation Builder travelling roadshow, a 12m long truck outfitted with interactive game stations is being utilised to educate the public about Singapore's technological initiatives and digital government services.

To educate the public against fraud, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) is always exploring new strategies. SPF has unveiled two new game tags called "ScamBat" and "Scam Me If You Can" that are intended to improve their touchpoints and successfully strengthen the links between SPF and the public, particularly the younger generations, through entertaining and informative activities.

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