Silicon Labs Collaborated with Allegion Expanding IoT Capabilities

By Applied Tech Review | Sunday, October 11, 2020

Silicon Labs collaborated with Allegion to infuse the IoT capabilities into products like smart locks used in smart homes to enhance the security.

FREMONT, CA: Silicon Labs, developer of products and solutions, to establish a connected world utilizing internet of things (IoT) has partnered with Allegion, security solution provider using innovative technologies to expand Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to security products used in smart homes and commercial buildings.

Establishing superior connectivity is the key for IoT based devices to enhance user experience across many products. In that way, Silicon Labs introduces the new Wireless Gecko IoT Connectivity Portfolio that supports Zigbee, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave connectivity. It has a greater memory and offers better features, including over-the-air programming to enable application enhancements while evolving protocol needs in the field. Wireless Gecko’s ZigBee connectivity finds its application in smart metering, industrial automation, home control, and many more for its unique ability to cover a broad range by consuming low power.

On the other hand, Allegion offers pioneering products that redefine security. Their range of innovative security products includes mechanical locks to advanced biometric scanning devices. Allegion utilizes Silicon Labs’ wireless Gecko in developing smart lock solution for consumers who use a Zigbee home automation system. The Zigbee-certified Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt when paired with Amazon and an Amazon Cloud Cam key gave access to family and trusted members. Working with Silicon Labs, Allegion applies its innovative technologies to instill wireless connectivity in locks and other security devices. The solution offers the convenience of remote access management, in-home delivery, and compatibility with hands-free voice assistants or select monitored security panel partners.

“The IoT has tremendous potential to improve already existing security solutions across commercial and smart home markets. Silicon Labs anticipates future collaborations in the security market as companies find new ways to use connectivity to enhance and strengthen their existing product lines.” Matt Saunders, VP of Marketing and Applications, IoT products

Allegion also uses Silicon Labs Wireless Gecko in the Von Duprin remote undogging (RU) and Remote Monitoring (RM) options, a networked version of an exit device that can also be connected to the cloud.  In schools with a networked access control system, the main entrances are choice of infusing the security technologies that are locked while the secondary doors are left open. This can lead to vulnerabilities and to address this Von Duprin RU option enables remote undogging, thereby monitoring the door status.



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