Septentrio Introduces the AsteRx SB3 Receiver Series with an IP68-rated Enclosure

Applied Tech Review | Monday, August 02, 2021

Septentrio delivers the next generation of ready-to-use, multi-frequency housed GPS/GNSS receivers designed for rapid integration into machines and autonomous equipment that require high-accuracy positioning and heading in the harshest environments.

FREMONT, CA: Septentrio, a market leader in high-precision GNSS location systems, debuts the AsteRx SB3 receiver family, which features an IP68-rated enclosure. Due to its capacity to track a wide variety of signals from all currently operational Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), including not just GPS and GLONASS, but also European Galileo and Chinese BeiDou, this receiver provides greater availability of RTK high-accuracy positioning. Even when using dual antennas, AsteRx SB3 employs triple-frequency tracking to ensure the stability and availability of its heading angles.

“The AsteRx SB3 brings state-of-the-art GNSS positioning and heading performance in a very compact and rugged enclosure that is fully certified and ready to use,” says Silviu Taujan, Product Manager at Septentrio. “Its simplicity and ease of use make it a truly plug-and-play device, allowing customers to have a fully operational system within minutes.”

The new product line consists of two distinct receiver types, each featuring a unique triple-band sub-degree GNSS heading. The first, the AsteRx SB3 Pro, is a high-performance rover* receiver equipped with the latest core GNSS+ algorithms for maximum reliability and availability in challenging locations such as those adjacent to tall structures or concealed by foliage. Additionally, it provides faster update rates and extremely low latency, critical for rapidly moving vehicles or mechanical components used in automation or guidance systems. The second device, AsteRx SB3 Pro+, adds base station features and internal logging to the Pro version.

AsteRx SB3 products are pin-to-pin compatible with Septentrio's popular AsteRx SB ProDirect receiver and the company's newly announced AsteRx SBi3 GNSS/INS system, which simplifies receiver swapping.

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