SCADA System Upgrades For Manufacturers: Key Reasons To Consider

Applied Tech Review | Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Engineers need to reexamine their SCADA system to evaluate how much better, more up-to-date systems can aid businesses in achieving their Industry objectives.

FREMONT, CA: SCADA has undergone a significant change recently, as engineers would do well to review their systems. Organizations are becoming aware that their conventional SCADA systems are clumsy, troublesome, and challenging to maintain and support. They deserve cutting-edge, perceptive software systems that can manage the various demands in the cloud, on-premise, and at the edge. Inherent limitations of many existing SCADA systems include their inability to address intentional and unintentional security breaches. For dealing with outbound communication from the operational technology (OT) world into the information technology (IT) world, and to be easily scalable to new cloud-based architectures, their inability to be configured to support highly distributed systems.

Offerings by contemporary SCADA systems

The lifespan of new systems has increased because they contain hardware and software components that can better acquire real-time data for evaluating performance and maintenance data. Modern SCADA systems follow industry standards, particularly those related to data architecture and information modeling, which include device independence and multivendor compatibility. Most importantly, since all devices implement the same standards, changing out devices from various vendors is feasible. The upkeep of the systems is improved because modern SCADA systems additionally record more data intelligence. 

Compatibility and security

These systems feature role-based and user-based security, multi-factor authentication (MFA), operating system security, cyber security, and patch management built into the architecture. The systems support emerging technologies like cloud, virtualization, mobile, and advanced analytics, as well as existing controls and standards like OPC UA. The systems are compatible with current and upcoming operating systems, offer reasonable support for previous operating systems, support software upgrades and patches, and release new versions regularly. 

Company stability and value proposition

The SCADA systems are designed for suppliers' long-term visions for market longevity and have a local and global presence. These systems offer value since they are scalable, expandable, versatile, and affordable for integrators and end users. System integrators identify a high-quality, dependable solution that benefits both them and end users. When they can install a system, provide cost-effective system support, reuse their efforts in one application in another, and train operators to manage day-to-day administration and maintenance.

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