SCADA: Advantages and Disadvantages

Applied Tech Review | Thursday, April 28, 2022

SCADA systems offer plenty of benefits to an organization, but at the same time, they have their own setbacks.

Fremont, CA: SCADA ownership and utilization have become a necessity. SCADA is an acronym for supervisory control and data acquisition. SCADA entails the collection of data, its transmission to the central site, and any necessary analysis and control. The information is then shown on a variety of operator screens or displays. While SCADA provides numerous benefits to users and systems, it also has certain drawbacks.

Advantages of SCADA

● A SCADA system is comprised of a network of remote terminal units (RTUs) that collect data from the field and transmit it to a master station via a communication channel. The master station shows the acquired data and enables remote control operations to be performed by the operator.

● The accurate and timely data (usually in real-time) enables optimization of the plant and process operations. Additionally, SCADA enables more efficient, dependable, and, most importantly, safer operations.

● SCADA systems are capable of storing a vast amount of data.

● The SCADA system comprises unit redundancy to provide a backup in the event of faults or breakdowns. This increases the system's robustness.

● Operators can leverage advanced trending capabilities to anticipate future issues, optimize routine equipment maintenance, and identify areas for improvement.

Disadvantages of SCADA

● If a new system is to be implemented, careful thought must be paid to the system's quality. No business has an infinite budget. Economic concerns must be balanced against performance and integrity standards to ensure a competently functioning system at the project's conclusion. Costs associated with installation should be evaluated.

● Using a web browser for controlling remote sites can increase security concerns. SCADA systems are network-connected devices that are subject to severe risks and vulnerabilities.

● Replacing physical components is an expensive and unappealing alternative.

● The SCADA system based on PLCs is intricate in terms of hardware units and dependent modules.

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