Role of Digital Twins in Video Surveillance

Applied Tech Review | Monday, January 02, 2023

City officials and planners optimize digital twin applications to make effective decisions based on real-time information.

FREMONT, CA: Surveillance cameras integrated with specific software can transmit data to digital twin platforms. City data provide digital twin applications with the capability to map city activities like traffic flow, optimal routes, congestion rates, response times, and air quality can influence planning decisions.

Digital-twin-enabled smart surveillance is integral to smart city goals, which aim to reduce crime rates, free up roadways, improve sustainable lifestyles, and reduce infrastructural response times.

Smart cities can optimize infrastructural efficiency through digital twin applications.

Data optimization: Manufacturing and logistic companies rely on digital twin platforms' real-time information to make the best decision. They can effectively view and map assets. Other city planning aspects rely on digital twins. It provides officials with virtual representations based on real-time data collected through the internet of things (IoT). City authorities can access data on air pollution levels, noise levels, weather conditions, and the movement of vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians through certain city areas. Officials can make decisions based on specific traffic movements, behaviors, and events.

Planning: Surveillance systems track the daily movements of traffic around the city, while digital twin applications map and trace activities. Vehicle numbers, types, and patterns, such as how many cars, trucks, and bicycles are on the road in certain areas, are some of the information collected in this area.

The digital twin platform can enable advanced analytics, such as multidimensional AI, as data is collected from multiple sources. Analyzing different datasets using AI can produce greater insights that can be applied to a macro level. It is possible to review the impact and outcome of an action by going through replicas and models of different scenarios. City officials can anticipate challenges and plan in advance.

Surveillance cameras: Sensor data input plays a key role in the strength of digital twin platforms. The software will build accurate virtual representations using this information, which will feed into the models. A network camera with real-time visual feedback is crucial to this process, as it not only provides surveillance but also captures high-quality images that serve as the basis for analytical insights.

Due to many network cameras already installed in crucial locations, data collection is enhanced by utilizing the existing install base rather than installing new cameras wherever necessary.

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