Robotiq Launches New Cobot Palletising Solution

By Applied Tech Review | Thursday, October 15, 2020

Robotiq cobot palletizing system is increasingly gaining traction in the robotics market.

FREMONT, CA: Robotiq, a collaboration robot (cobot) application provider, has launched a new, smart, and intuitive robotic palletizing solution. The novel solution is said to offer the highest level of flexibility, deployment ease, simplicity in terms of usage, and throughput for an increased return on investment. The company’s Palletising Solution has been developed in a customized manner to cater to the specific needs of the clients. In light of this, Robotiq has designed this novel solution for users who witness the frequent change of tasks, varying size of the box or the pallet, and lowered throughput.

This newly launched cobot palletizers have a proven record of being able to provide a speed that is 30 percent higher than any other similar solution on the market. Supporting for applications that involve a maximum of  13 boxes/ minute, Robotiq’s solution can be easily installed in just a couple of hours due to its single and integrated application software. Additionally, this solution would take as little as five minutes to set itself for a new SKU. Robotiq cobot palletizing system features enhanced and well-synchronized motion control along with unified movements of the parts of the solution to promise the longest of the cobot life cycle.

Robotiq has emerged as one of the most forward-looking robotics technology solution providers in the modern business market. The company works on the mission to automate redundant, rudimentary, repetitive, tedious, and mundane tasks in a workplace or site. Robotiq is one of the leaders in developing and applying expertise in the realm of robotics. Specializing in cobot application solutions, the company aims to deliver practical and efficient automation solutions to factories and manufacturers across the world.

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