Precision Farming: Paving the Blocks of Modern Agriculture Revolution

Applied Tech Review | Thursday, September 16, 2021

One of the essential advantages of precision agriculture is reducing fertilizer, pesticide, and seed rates in regions where they are not cost-effective.

FREMONT, CA: Precision farming is on the rise in North America for more than a decade. Initially, it was primarily helpful to alter fertilizer rates in a field that produced high, medium, or poor yields. However, as technology and agronomic research have progressed, we've seen more applications for precision farming equipment and better results and outcomes from combining diverse technologies and techniques.

What are some of the ways that precision agriculture can help you improve your farm?

Reduced costs

One of the essential advantages of precision agriculture is precisely reducing fertilizer, pesticide, and seed rates in regions where they are not cost-effective.

Increased Profitability

Increasing yields while lowering expenses by using agronomic concepts at a high resolution boosts overall profitability. Through our innovative use of technology, Farmers Edge can provide one of the industry's most cost-effective and high-value packages.

Enhanced Sustainability

[vendor_logo_first]Ensure all crop input products are applied to the plant and not elsewhere, where they may harm the environment, not only improves the bottom line but also contributes to a safer environment and, in the future, may access new markets for the crops. For example, users were able to measure that, on average, a Farmers Edge Variable Rate (VR) customer lowered their carbon footprint by over 10percent while improving output with the precise services.

Better Harvestability

Understanding agricultural nutrient levels and soil types from across farms is one of the essential advantages of precision agriculture. However, not all fields and geographies are made equal, and that this has an impact on nitrogen mineralizations, water holding capacity, and other factors. When they understand these differences, users can avoid over-applying nitrogen, which can cause lodging. In addition, users can boost minerals like potassium, which aid in standability in regions lacking.To top it off, we can undertake VR desiccation, which means users can use less desiccant on hilltops or sandy areas and more in low locations to ensure that crops get collected quickly.

Higher Resolutions Understanding of Your Farm

Farmers have a greater understanding of their land than anybody. Precision agriculture helps understand why particular regions of the farm are underproducing or producing better, making decisions that will allow users to improve the farm in the long run.

Better In season Yield Understanding

Precision imagery and precision weather services can help users not only understand which areas of the farm are experiencing challenges or require additional attention, but we can also provide accurate yield predictions in-season, enabling better agronomic, marketing, and equity buying decision.

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