New Security Platform Curbing Privacy Breaches

Applied Tech Review | Sunday, November 01, 2020

A new security platform is providing consumers and businesses with real-time security insights and remediation to mitigate risks.

FREMONT, CA: A threat intelligence provider, HackNotice, has launched HackNotice Premium. The new security platform is a threat monitoring service, providing users with in-depth, real-time insight into data leaks or potential breaches and personalized recovery recommendations to quickly alleviate risks. HackNotice Premium aggregates and monitors data across the public sources, dark web, and official disclosures, indexing breach disclosures, and data leaks continually. The platform notifies users instantly if their digital identity has been compromised with detailed information that was exposed while alerting users to a hack. It provides actionable next steps to help them effectively recover and protect against account takeovers.

With hackers getting savvier, consumers must have the information they need to protect themselves. HackNotice Premium addresses such challenges head-on and empowers consumers with the visibility and support they need to protect their digital identities. The key features of HackNotice Premium include compromised record tagging, where alerts consist of the particular details that were likely compromised; customized response recommendations, where, when the user is notified, they will receive actionable suggestions for how to recover based on the type of hack and how their records were affected. The features also include increased monitoring capacity where users can monitor 20 personal identifiers online; and mobile application access that ensures that HackNotice Premium users access their account at any time.

HackNotice is a threat intelligence organization that specializes in data breaches and leaked credentials and identities. The company helps consumers and businesses recognize and protect against possible risks and respond to hacks via real-time alerts, around the clock monitoring, and actionable recovery recommendations. HackNotice offers users with information and visibility needed to protect their digital identities.

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