New POS Platform Empowering Studio Owners to Boost Revenue

By Applied Tech Review | Sunday, November 01, 2020

A new Point of Sale (POS) platform is enabling studio owners to sell, track, and manage inventory to increase revenue for their businesses.

FREMONT, CA: An NBC Sports Group company and the pioneering provider of sports relationship management software, SportsEngine's GoMotion app has launched a point of sale system. This new platform is built directly into the platform that includes sales, inventory management, and financial reporting capabilities, enabling owners to boost revenue for their businesses. GoMotion is an all-in-one class management software for sports studios like gymnastics, martial arts, dance, cheer, and figure skating. With the new, fully integrated point of sale system, business owners can now sell directly to consumers everything from apparel and equipment to sports drinks and snacks right at their studio or facility.

Point of sale empowers owners to produce revenue and profits by improving the existing selling process or facilitating the selling of goods for the first time with unprecedented ease. SportsEngine mission is to build software that makes the lives of its customers easier, allowing them more time to center on what they love. The point of sale system enables business owners to sell easily, manage, and track their sales all on the GoMotion platform. This platform allows class-based studios and facilities to create and control their own classes and online registration sessions, streamlining their financials by setting up automated invoicing, tracking money, and accepting online payments.   

SportsEngine, Inc. is the leading provider of sports relationship management software, serving millions of coaches, parents, clubs, leagues, athletes, governing bodies, and associations. GoMotion, SportsEngine's app is designed for class and studio-based sports, facilitating business owners and administrators to design and manage the classes and online registration sessions. The company aims to help sports associations around the globe mitigate the time they spend on administrative tasks, facilitating them to focus more on developing their athletes, offer safe experiences, and further the love for sports.

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