Nestio Unveiled AI-powered Online Leasing Website Funnel

Applied Tech Review | Sunday, November 01, 2020

First full independent online leasing platform Funnel will reshape the rental experience, as technology will replace the manual work.

FREMONT, CA: A provider of marketing and leasing software Nestio reveals Funnel, a platform intended to improve the multifamily leasing experience through artificial intelligence and the automation of all stages of the leasing process. Funnel is designed with convenience and accessibility in mind which includes fully online leasing capabilities.

The apartment rental process is strenuous for both the renters and the leasing teams. Now the new technology Funnel will automate manual tasks eliminating the document collection and leading an easy and instant online leasing. It will also reduce a process that has formerly taken days or weeks down to as little as twenty to thirty minutes. 

Funnel has emerged as the mobile-first tool to automate the application for prospective renters. A link is provided to the renters and they can use to plug in their bank information, and instantly give landlords access to pay stubs, tax forms, and employer information that’s typically required to rent an apartment. 

With the assistance of AI-powered technology, there is no need for an applicant to provide documents such as bank statements, pay stubs, and tax forms. The technology will make the process faster, will reduce the labor and cost, and will enhance customer relationship management.

Nestio is currently rolling out a beta version of Funnel and the full online launch will be done by 2020. The launch will bring a bunch of advantages like lead inquiry responses, automating inventory management, real-time tour scheduling, and shortly, the entire online leasing process for the owners and renters. This frictionless rental experience will lead renter to their new home faster than ever.

The products offered by Funnel include community websites, availability syndication, lead management, online leasing, and reporting. Some other time-saving features are "click-to-dial" phone calls, multi-touch attribution, and AI responses.

Funnel presents the modern technology which can be applied to almost any commercial real estate process, both for leasing or sales. This will help in remoulding online leasing experience.

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