Mvix and AOPEN Join Forces to Develop a Digital Signage Solution

By Applied Tech Review | Tuesday, November 10, 2020

FREMONT, CA: The leading provider of digital signage software and solutions, Mvix, announced a partnership with AOPEN to launch Chromebox Commercial 2, the world’s first commercial-grade Chormebox. Powered by an i3 CPU, it has faster memory and can provide stunning graphics on two 4K screens. It is designed to support the artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) applications.

The Mvix digital signage software has garnered multiple awards and accolades for its content-rich platforms, efficient tech support, and ease of use. With the integration of AOPEN chromebox, digital signage can deliver a robust and secure solution to the end users. The integration will allow enterprises to provide a personalized and satisfying experience to the consumers.

AOPEN Chromebox Commercial 2 is the most developed ChromeOS media player, powered by 7th generation Intel Core processor i3 and Celeron processor. It can support two 4K displays at 60fps via HDMI 2.0 and has three USB 3.1, two USB 2.0, an RJ50 serial connector, and HDMI 1.4b and 2.0. The slim and ruggedized design is waterproof and dustproof. The device is provided with Chrome Enterprise license for simplified operation and management.

The Mvix digital signage can host more than 200 content apps and data integrations, including Salesforce, social media, MySQL, Google Analytics, KPI dashboards, CAP alerts, Rest KPI, HubSpot and more. The software also possesses capabilities such as remote management, multi-zoned screen layouts, calendar-based content scheduling, advanced HTML5 scripts w/CSS, JS, live video input, and smart playlists for automated playlist management. The integration of AOPEN Chromebox into Mvix digital signage software is designed to provide enhanced and reliable digital solutions to the consumers. Mvix also offers a 14-day trial of the integrated solution.

Mvix possesses expertise in delivering content-rich digital signage software solutions. Its clients include Virginia Tech, NASA, Sodexo, Discovery Channel, Crowne Plaza, and the University of Washington. Digital signage solutions find uses in employee communication, wayfinding, emergency messaging, and customer communications.

AOPEN specializes in industrial and commercial products and services. Their solutions include industrial products for process control and data acquisition, including AIoT technologies. AOPEN enables its partner ecosystem to automate industrial applications by providing edge solutions. 

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