Millican Reserve Expands Its Green Offerings with the Help of an EcoSmart Solution

Applied Tech Review | Thursday, September 02, 2021

Environmentally responsible development will deliver creative residential units to a 2,500-acre Texas reserve.

FREMONT, CA: EcoSmart Solution agrees with Millican Reserve to bring its EcoSmart GeoGrid and additional geothermal infrastructure, solar photovoltaic systems, energy monitoring, and optimization to up to 2,000+ residential units at the iconic College Station conservancy. Millican Reserve's new homeowners will benefit from highly cheap or zero utility costs and a significantly reduced carbon footprint due to their zero-energy capable homes; each home will be among the most energy-efficient in Texas.

Millican Reserve is a Master Planned Community located in the City of College Station, approximately ten miles southeast Texas A&M University. The community site is more than 2,500 acres in size and will include a mix of residential, commercial, civic, and open space and shopping, restaurants, and a conference center with overnight accommodations.

Millican Reserve's community planners envision it as "a healthy community centred on nature." Millican Reserve aspires to be a national leader in energy conservation and sustainability, making it an ideal partner for the EcoSmart Solution approach to master-planned community development that is both smart and sustainable.

EcoSmart Solution will develop a master energy plan for the neighborhood and execute its revolutionary technology program, including geothermal and solar energy use and energy monitoring and management to build zero-energy dwellings. Residents of Millican Reserve, like those in the award-winning Whisper Valley community in Austin, Texas, will be able to significantly reduce their energy bills, help the environment, and add value to their homes.

In a press conference, Millican Reserve partner Jack McFarlane states that Millican Reserve instantly noticed that EcoSmart Solution's attitude aligned with their own. One of Millican Reserve's primary goals is to provide a more sustainable future for its citizens at an accessible price.

EcoSmart Solution CEO John Towle states that EcoSmart Solution is overjoyed to offer our solutions to Millican Reserve. This development will be unique in the state of Texas, setting a new benchmark for environmental sensitivity and energy saving.

Further, Towle explains that EcoSmart Solution sees a sea change in land development and homebuying tendencies. Consumers are expecting a more sustainable and environmentally responsible way of life. EcoSmart Solution does it in a cost-effective, sustainable, and carbon-neutral manner. EcoSmart Solution is thrilled to cooperate with Millican Reserve to bring our complementary concepts to life and establish a model for future community development across the country.

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