MCRI Creates a Patent Pending Robotic Tape Inspection Station

By Applied Tech Review | Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Motion Controls Robotics, Inc (MCRI) recently announced its patented pending Robotic Tape Inspection Station.

FREMONT, CA: The station consists of a FANUC robot and vision programming to pinpoint the proper application of tape on different case sizes that run across the conveyor station.

Robots put flexibility to the current hard automation. Using a robot and vision to check on the tape tails means the robot firsts locates the box and then finds the tape rather than having the box move into an exact location to be scanned.

The benefits of robotic tape inspection:

• Flexible to fit any setup and rate

• Easily added to any stretch of the current conveyor

• Small footprint robot cell

• Variety of case sizes

• Able to inspect cases in a random position on the conveyor

• Preventative measure for quality control and customer satisfaction

MCRI has been creating systems using FANUC robots for 25 years and has earned a position in the FANUC Presidents' Circle by being a dedicated FANUC Authorized Service Integrator for over 20 years.

MCRI offers various robot options from collaborative to high speed for usage in the tape inspection station for line packaging. This enables the facility to select a robot that will meet their needs and have a system installed within just four weeks.

"The MCRI tape detection system saves companies thousands of dollars in shipping cost and customer issues by detecting improperly sealed cases," says James Skelding, Director of Sales & Marketing at MCRI.

This error-proofing system is easily cost-justified for Return on Investment by calculating the current cost to your facility of incorrectly sealed or unsealed cases based on:

• Production loss

• Product damage

• Reshipping of the damaged product

• Employee time involvement

• Clean-up

• Customer Complaints

• Resolving various issues

As proof, MCRI has installed this system for the present customers who have issues with tape failure costing them revenue. The customers now have a solution to ensure they do not cause their end customers any problems upon receipt of their products. The Tape Inspection Station is now available for installation.

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