Machine Learning is Changing the Future of Software Testing

Applied Tech Review | Wednesday, February 17, 2021

There can’t be a successful release until software has been properly and thoroughly tested. Testing can sometimes be extremely resource intensive. Machine learning helps bridge this gap.

FREMONT, CA: Software testing is the process of examining whether the software performs the way it was designed to. Functional quality assurance (QA) testing, the form of testing that ensures nothing is fundamentally broken, is executed in three ways: Unit, API, and end-to-end testing.

The majority of software development teams believe they don’t test well. They understand that the effect of quality defects is substantial, and they invest heavily in quality insurance, but they still aren’t getting the results they want. This is not due to the lack of talent or effort. The technology supporting software testing is simply not effective. The industry has been underserved.

There can’t be a successful release until software has been properly and thoroughly tested, and testing can sometimes take significant resources considering the amount of time and human effort required to get the job done right. This gaping need is just beginning to be filled.

Machine learning, which has disciplined and improved so many industries, is just starting to make its way into software testing. While machine learning is still growing and evolving, the software industry is employing it more and more, and its impact is starting to significantly change the way software testing will be done as the technology improves.

What machine learning means for the future of software testing is autonomy. Smart machines will be able to, using data from current application usage and past testing experience, build, maintain, execute, and interpret tests without human input. Across practically every industry, insiders contend that machines could never do a human’s job. Those who have resisted the rise of ML and doubled down on human labor often find themselves left behind.

Machine Learning test automation is in its infancy today, but it is likely only a few years away from taking over the industry. Machine learning offers a more streamlined and effective software testing process. It establishes a process that’s better equipped to handle the volume of developments and create the needed specialized tests. Smart software testing means data-based tests, accurate results, and innovative industry development.

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