Licensing eShuttle Technology to Make PO Production Sustainable

By Applied Tech Review | Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Implementation of a new technology platform is making the production of propylene oxide more sustainable, eradicating wastewater generation. 

FREMONT, CA: An organization centered on developing lower energy technologies in the chemical space, Chemetry and a global pioneer in the construction and engineering of onshore/offshore, surface projects, and subsea, TechnipFMC have collaborated to license unprecedented eShuttle technology for the production of Propylene Oxide (PO). A commodity chemical, PO, produced globally is used primarily in polyurethanes products, coatings, and personal care products. Chemetry's PO production technology lowers energy use significantly, reducing the carbon footprint and capital expense, and nearly eliminating wastewater generation.

The eShuttle technology uses a unique metal halide ion process to generate high purity PO without generating dangerous chlorine gas or large quantities of wastewater. The technology process uses 60 percent less electrical power and has no wastewater effluent to treat. The expected capital cost for the eShuttle™ process is about 25 percent, which is less than the price for a comparable world-scale facility. The collaboration harnesses Chemetry's proficiency in electrolyzer design, electrochemistry, and catalysis with TechnipFMC's global strength in technology engineering, licensing, procurement, and process scale-up. The eShuttle™ PO technology consumes only propylene, electricity, and oxygen, producing PO in a near-zero discharge process. 

Chemetry Corporation is a clean technology start-up that is dedicated to redefining how chemicals are made. The company harnesses its world-class laboratories and piloting facilities to develop lower energy technologies in the chemical space. Backed by a diverse team of scientists, engineers, and plant operators, the company manages an active research and development program, holding over 50 patents in the chemical space. Chemetry Corporation's mission is to focus on environmentally and safety-conscious pathways with clear economic advantages.    

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