Key Advantages of Rugged Devices in Manufacturing

Rachel Smith, Applied Technology Review | Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Rachel Smith, Applied Technology Review

Rugged devices' essentiality in driving operational efficiency in a cost-effective way in the manufacturing industry is immeasurable.

FREMONT, CA: Ruggedized devices prove to be highly favourable for several industries, and manufacturing is certainly one of those. The top advantages of rugged devices in many usage scenarios have been realized by firms employing field forces who work under tough work and weather conditions. These devices streamline operations seamlessly and facilitate managed mobility without affecting productivity or work quality. Here is a closer look at how rugged devices are driving enterprise efficiency in the manufacturing sector.

The manufacturing industry involves a notably extensive supply value chain that, in turn, relies upon many operations driven by executives at various levels. These frontline executives work along with end-to-end integration of several tools and techniques that store and gather real-time data and information. In these manufacturing scenarios across the value chain, executives are assisted by technology-powered smart devices and platforms like RFID, AI, IoT, cloud-based software access, management dashboards and many others. Here, the rugged devices assist them in accessing and distributing data in real-time from these technologies.

In the manufacturing sector, rugged devices play a key role across the whole value chain, starting from material gathering, procurement, inbound and outbound logistics, demand management, manufacturing flow management, order fulfilment, product development, commercialization and last-mile delivery. Every executive working at operational levels is armed with ruggedized handheld devices to perform functions like record keeping, communication, inventory management, customer interaction, payment processing and several others. The first advantage of a rugged device that comes to mind is its durable and tested built that allows the devices to operate under extreme climatic and work conditions and their resistance to physical shock, water, heat and even sandstorms.

A manufacturing unit's success relies on smooth operations of all machinery to manage the required levels of efficiency in the production processes. Usage of rugged handheld devices proves to be immensely advantageous as they enable them to seamlessly update accurate information records, share and access data in real-time with managers and team and communicate with customers and stakeholders with ease.

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