InVia Robotics Announces Channel Partner Network

Rachel Smith, Applied Technology Review | Monday, August 09, 2021

Strategic partnerships bring together complementary technology to provide complete warehouse automation solutions.

FREMONT, CA: inVia Robotics, a provider of next-generation warehouse automation systems, revealed that it had signed partnerships with more than ten firms that provide technological solutions for warehouses.The associations are part of a broader channel partner program to complement inVia's direct selling efforts by expanding into new markets, particularly overseas markets.It increases the company's capacity to equip e-commerce fulfillment centers with AI-driven optimization software and autonomous mobility robots at a time when warehouses are under pressure to automate to keep up with rising customer demand.

Partners can incorporate inVia's automation service offerings into the solutions they give to their clients as part of the program. Retailers and third-party logistics providers will benefit from the integrations with complementary technologies, which will boost the value and ROI available to them.

[vendor_logo_first]Argon Consulting, Atlantic Packaging, Conveyor Logistics, Innovation-Matrix, STG Chile, Midland Packaging, Pregis, Ryuu, and Storage Solutions Inc. are now Certified Partners in the program.In addition, the inVia channel program includes partnership arrangements with several companies that complement inVia's comprehensive Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) automation systems.

One of the companies that have joined the channel partner program is Pregis. InVia and Pregis will collaborate as partners to integrate AI-driven software and autonomous mobile robots with automated poly bagging systems to expand automation across the fulfillment process, resulting in higher operational efficiencies and shorter cycle times.InVia services will enhance Pregis' whole line of packing solutions.

"As a part of the inVia channel program, we are able to integrate inVia's market-leading automation technology with our integrated packaging systems to extend the value we bring to our customers' operations," said Tom Wetsch, chief innovation officer of Pregis. "inVia's unique ability to automate retrieval of goods with a system that is flexible and can scale pairs perfectly with the breadth of our end-of-line product offerings."

"Our goal is to bring efficiency we can into our customers' warehouse operations in order to enable exponential growth for their business," said LiorElazary, chief executive officer and co-founder of inVia Robotics. "Strategic channel partners such as Pregis are critical in helping us integrate systems across the warehouse and ensure goods, people, and equipment are all flowing."

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