Importance of Security and Privacy in Robotics and AI Systems

Applied Tech Review | Tuesday, September 07, 2021

The companies are developing security programs to protect privacy in their AI and robotics systems.

FREMONT, CA: The use and control of such personal data is what privacy is all about. On the other hand, security may or may not be linked to personal information. Security entails ensuring that the information is kept private, that the authenticity of the data is maintained, and that the information is accessible when required.

It's critical to ensure that hackers can't break into a system and gain access to sensitive data. It's also crucial to ensure that data doesn't end up in the wrong place due to human error or poor system design. Companies must guarantee that data isn't accidentally corrupted and that cyberattacks preventing people from accessing their information or systems aren't successful.

Compliance with Privacy and Security Laws in Robotics and AI Systems

The AI and Robotics team assists businesses in complying with privacy and security laws and regulations related to new information technologies, including the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Companies in this situation should first figure out what kind of data they have and where it's traveling, then consider whether rules apply to what they're undertaking.

The type of data may necessitate different privacy and security legislation. For example, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) oversees the healthcare industry's security and confidentiality of protected health information. This kind of law is dependent on the type of information and the equipment on which the data is stored or processed.

Staying Updated on Compliance and Legal Obligations

There are materials and programs available to read or watch in order to educate oneself on a company's compliance duties. In-house counsel will concentrate on what the law says and how it pertains to the firm in question.

It is up to the general counsel or anyone assigned to this problem inside the legal department to examine that information and compare them to the company's present course of action. When a new law is enacted, counsel must read the law and evaluate it to what the organization is currently doing to comply with the new legislation or rules.

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