HowAI Will Impact theVideo Surveillance Market

Applied Tech Review | Thursday, November 18, 2021

Summary:Artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled surveillance solutions can track individuals in retail stores and detect those who may be committing theft


AI has begun to impact businesses significantly, but nowhere has it had a more significant impact than in the security sector. Established security vendors and smaller startups are releasing new and novel solutions, and these solutions, when combined, bring value to an organization's security operations. Here is how AI will affect the video surveillance market shortly.

Real-Time Monitoring

Initially, when CCTV cameras were first introduced, the video was streamed live on TV screens, but little effort was made to do any meaningful analysis of a potential security incident. Video surveillance solutions back then were always reactive, and they still are in many parts of the world. Most authorities request CCTV footage only after an incident has happened or when a significant threat has been perceived. The application of AI has fundamentally transformed the picture by allowing for real-time monitoring of video footage and intelligent analysis of how security events can arise and what has to be done to prevent them.

Several prominent IT vendors have developed AI solutions that can identify abandoned goods such as luggage in airports and public spaces, allowing security services to intervene before it is too late. Similarly, AI-enabled surveillance solutions can track individuals in retail stores and detect those who may be committing theft.

Image Processing Allows for Better Analysis

While ultra-high definition cameras can capture high-resolution images, their use in video surveillance solutions is still limited. As a result, most images captured by such systems are of poor quality, particularly in low light, and this creates a barrier to conducting meaningful analysis of such video recordings. AI can be used to improve low-resolution photos so that security professionals can extract useful information. It also aids in the effective usage of photographs and movies that would otherwise be too blurry to be useful for examination with the naked eye.

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