How To Choose The Right Scada System?

Applied Tech Review | Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Choosing the correct SCADA system is critical because of the financial commitment required to purchase a SCADA system and associated software.

Fremont, CA: SCADA, or supervisory control and data acquisitions systems, is a critical component in many towns and automated manufacturing plants for monitoring and managing equipment and operations. Data from networked devices and sensors is gathered and processed to give operators an overview of their manufacturing processes and the state of their equipment. SCADA is utilized in various industries; however, not all SCADA systems are alike. The correct SCADA system can facilitate communication between RTUs and PLCs, now and in the future.

Tips that can help to choose the right SCADA system:

Should be able to communicate with the current SCADA system

OPC communication is the only option available on many SCADA systems. Older equipment may not be compatible with OPC, but this is not surprising considering that most industrial operations employ a mix of modern and old hardware from various manufacturers. As a result, a company may have to discover and purchase expensive OPC wrappers for its old systems if its SCADA package doesn't provide a selection of native drivers.

Should support the current and future needs

If a company's industrial system can handle unlimited I/O licenses, it can help them plan for future production growth. Avoid poor reaction times and other issues caused by a SCADA system that was not built to handle a large number of I/O points by thoroughly testing the system to handle such a large number of I/O points.

Should have simple upgrades

In order for SCADA systems to be flexible and adaptable, backward compatibility is essential. A vendor should have a history of 100 percent backward compatibility so that upgrades are simple and the company doesn't end up with a solution that's no longer supported.

Must offer 24*7 support

This can have major ramifications, from missing data that could jeopardize regulatory compliance to unanticipated downtime affecting consumers, if a SCADA system fails. It's critical to choose a SCADA vendor that will be there for the company when and where the business needs it. It's also a good idea to check that a significant number of system integrators have been approved to offer regular education and training.

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