How Smart Farming Drives a Healthier Future

Food and Beverages | Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Ecologically restorative smart farms are set to optimize and standardize agriculture with renewable energy assets. 

FREMONT, CA: The leader in machine-learning Smart Farms for organic and automated agriculture, Agbotic and Black & Veatch, a global engineering and construction company delivering sustainable ag-tech infrastructure, has collaborated to implement ecologically restorative smart farms. This collaboration will optimize, standardize, and turn-key to deliver the Agbotic Smart Farm model, co-located with renewable energy assets. As opportunities for improving the economics and embracement of the controlled environment, agriculture comprises lower capital expenditure on energy and labor, the Agbotic model mitigates capital costs and features higher energy efficiency levels.

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Agbotic implements its year-round, distributed farming model on agricultural land, which is an approved organic makeover certified for chemical-free agriculture. Agbotic's model complements outdoor agriculture and cleans the air, water, and soil by planting trees, sequestering carbon, establishing wetlands, and maintaining habitats for sensitive wildlife. Agbotic's team of professionals has successfully deployed a highly efficient model for automated and organic farming that is energy-efficient, ecologically restorative, and produces high-quality products for a broad range of buyers. Smart farms are environmental, restorative, and healthy. Agbotic seeks to avoid the use of all chemicals - even those that are approved for organic use, welcoming customers to visit its smart farm verify the origin of their food, meet the people that grow it, and see how it is planted, nurtured, harvested and packed.

Agbotic Inc. is a leading ag-tech enterprise deploying proprietary automation, machine learning, and AI to make exceptional organic products with an ecologically restorative and distributed farming model. The company is creating a network of robotic, organic farms, delivering premium food immediately from harvest. Agbotic is a smart farm that automates organic and restorative agriculture for a healthier tomorrow. 

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