How Pharma Enterprises Can Leverage Robotics

Applied Tech Review | Monday, September 13, 2021

Robotics is being used in pharmaceutical companies to keep up with the rapid technological advancement and enhance pharmaceutical processes.

Fremont, CA: The pharmaceutical sector has seen significant transformations in recent years. Pharmaceutical firms are currently adopting robots at a higher rate than any other industry. Companies have had to alter their procedures to keep up with the rapid pace of the world.

Pharmaceutical businesses are embracing robots as one of their primary technologies to stay ahead of the curve. According to a recent survey, the pharmaceutical industry is now growing faster than other industries.

Here are six ways robots can be utilized in pharmaceutical companies:

Pick and drop

Pick and drop, as the name implies, entails shifting objects from one location to another. This could include transporting products from a conveyor to a work area, sorting things for further processing, or any other operation of a similar nature.  Sorting medication bottles, positioning syringes for packaging, and removing defective products during an inspection are all examples of pick and drop jobs.


In any business, inspection is a complex process, and the consequences of inconsistency in inspection could be disastrous for a pharmaceutical company. Robots are an excellent approach to increase inspection work consistency.

Bottle capping

Capping bottles is an established and tested robotic application in various pharmaceutical businesses. Capping bottles with a robot can be a faster, more reliable operation with the correct robot, end effector, and sensor.


People don't typically think of dispensing as work that a robot could accomplish. On the other hand, Robotic dispensing is employed in a variety of applications, ranging from glue to food preparation. The dispensing tool is either attached to the robot or moves containers underneath a dispensing machine.

Machine tending

In the pharmaceutical sector, there are several semi-autonomous devices. Typically, a human operator loads and unloads these. However, this is not the most efficient use of the individual's time. A robot is a far superior option for equipment maintenance, allowing people to focus on higher-value duties.


Every item that leaves your establishment must be wrapped. Within a pharmaceutical company, there are frequently several options to delegate packing jobs to robots. Packing things into individual bags, loading products onto trays, and stacking boxes onto pallets are all examples of packaging tasks.

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