How Digital Video Surveillance Systems Benefit Business

Applied Tech Review | Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Old analogue surveillance systems are being replaced by digital video surveillance cameras due to their superior video quality and other advanced features.

Fremont, CA: Once upon a time, grainy analogue surveillance systems marked a breakthrough in security and monitoring for businesses all around the world. However, times have changed, and analogue video monitoring is being phased out in favour of digital video surveillance. Digital video surveillance systems can help a business with everything from avoiding theft to recognizing client movement patterns.

Here are some of the advantages that a Digital Video Surveillance system provides to businesses:

Easy installation and effective implementation

Digital systems are easier to install than analogue systems, need less equipment, and can assist an organization’s security team to operate the surveillance system more successfully. To monitor numerous video feeds on an analogue security system, complicated wiring to cameras is required. Installing and maintaining today's modern digital surveillance systems is significantly easier.

Allow remote monitoring

A digital video surveillance system provides remote working, which is one of its greatest advantages. An organization can monitor the activities on their surveillance feeds from anywhere globally with a highly integrated digital video system, as long as they have an Internet connection. Mobile phones, laptops, and tablets are all acceptable targets. The organization may view live streams or retrieve archived footage by logging into their security system from any of these devices.

Reduce theft and loss

Not only do digital surveillance cameras capture and store more video than analogue systems, but the video stream quality is also far superior. Digital video cameras provide high-definition quality and a broader viewing angle than analogue video cameras. Because you can now give law enforcement with great photographs to assist in the prosecution of suspects, your business can seek charges against those caught stealing or vandalizing property.

Better storage and accessibility

Tape recorders are used to store video footage in most analogue surveillance systems. This reduces the amount of video that can be kept and the ease with which that material can be accessed. All of the material captured by the cameras is stored on DVR (digital video recorder) devices with plenty of storage space. This implies that with digital, the security team will be able to keep more surveillance footage than they could with analogue.

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