How Digital Twin Technology Helps Engineers and Manufacturers

Applied Tech Review | Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Digital Twin helps deliver improved product quality, better insight into goods' performance in real-time applications, better supply, and more efficient distribution chains.

FREMONT, CA: A digital twin creates a virtual representation of a process, system, service, product, or other physical thing using virtual and augmented reality and 3D graphics and data modeling. This digital twin is a carbon copy of the physical universe. Its identical replica status is kept up to current with real-time updates. It is a technology that uses a variety of contexts, including product monitoring in use and throughout the product life cycle. To begin, a digital twin enables real-time monitoring of a manufacturing component, asset, system, or process.

It helps to monitor better

This improved monitoring capability provides a more in-depth understanding of what is happening on your production lines and throughout the manufacturing process. You can also utilize the digital twin to discover problems before they exist and anticipate future outcomes using machine learning and advice from professional engineers. These predictions contain both results within present parameters and if those parameters change.

Helps at various manufacturing levels

Component level - concentrated on a single, essential component of the manufacturing process. A digital twin of a single piece of equipment within a production line is created at the asset level. A digital twin is used to monitor and improve an entire production line at the system level. Finally, the process level examines the manufacturing process, from product and process design to manufacturing and production. It also relates to the distribution and usage of the finished product by customers/patients over its whole life cycle and future product development.

Provides virtual assistance

Having a digital twin allows for virtual troubleshooting and support, avoiding the physical constraints of having professional engineers present at your location. This technology can also serve as the foundation for customer-interactive dynamic supply chains.

It helps engineers to predict based on the result

Using virtual tools, engineers can use digital twins to look at, investigate, and evaluate existing assets, processes, and systems. With this ability, you can see what is happening right now and what will happen in the future.

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