How AI Can Transform Video Surveillance Systems

Applied Tech Review | Monday, May 10, 2021

AI-driven products are beginning to unlock new video surveillance functions and even change the role it plays for the companies.  

FREMONT, CA:-The security industry is approaching a critical juncture. Companies are depended on a tried-and-true framework to guide how people deploy resources, develop solutions, and implement technology for decades. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are rapidly changing the security structure.

AI-driven video surveillance products, in particular, are starting to activate new features and even change the role video surveillance plays for businesses. They see unprecedented convergence of hardware and software, from improved sensors to higher resolution cameras to more powerful processing units. As a result, anything from intelligent threat identification to customized customer interactions sees new opportunities.

While companies are just at the start of this path, it is clear that best practices are evolving. Security professionals rethink how they'll develop their teams, structure engagements, and establish their value in real-time. They are expanding their rulebooks as they use it, but here are new, unstated "rules" for the new world of defense - and how they'll continue to develop due to the AI.

Embrace flexible setups

Security teams spent a lot of time changing the camera configuration in conventional security systems to reduce false positives. With the help of AI security teams do not have to go for such compromises. Smart systems can distinguish between people, animals, and items and then send out warnings solely based on those signatures, irrespective of video noises of the surroundings such as blowing leaves, headlights, inclement weather, or other conditions.

This ability enables them to concentrate exclusively on the security objectives, allowing them to widen the field of view as required.

Maximize economies of scale

Artificial intelligence-powered systems decrease the number of false positives, enabling security teams to work more efficiently.

Companies may use intelligent video monitoring to deploy a small remote monitor team to keep a close eye on multiple locations. They can also use smart networks to connect with trespassers or troublemakers in real-time and, if required, send law enforcement or emergency rescue personnel.

Focus on relationship-building, not bad-guy busting

Surveillance systems that prioritize behavior over faces will go far beyond identifying the criminal. It means they will potentially assist in the development and maintenance of valuable customer relationships.

Companies will improve customer experiences and develop relationships by extending the targets beyond threat identification, prevention, and mitigation to improve customer satisfaction and brand value.

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