How 7ECO is Using Digital Transformation to Improve Agriculture Sector in Vietnam

Applied Tech Review | Monday, May 03, 2021

7ECO uses agricultural technology to increase productivity and maximize land use capacity in Vietnam to develop safe and sustainable agriculture.

FREMONT, CA: 7ECO is striving for a technological revolution aiming to take Vietnamese agriculture to a whole new level.

7 ECO- Leveraging digital transformation for agricultural growth in Vietnam

It is essential to research in order to develop and technologize the agricultural product processing sector in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

7ECO is a primary developer in this process, preparing for a technological revolution that will elevate Vietnamese agriculture to new heights.

7ECO is implementing digital transformation into Vietnam's agriculture industry 

7ECO is a company headquartered in the United Kingdom that invests in and develops innovative agricultural projects. 7ECO is using agricultural technology to increase productivity and maximize land use capacity in Vietnam to develop safe and sustainable agriculture. They are currently involved in several smart agricultural ventures in countries like Vietnam, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Brazil, and many more.

7ECO Vietnam is presently utilizing capital from both domestic and foreign investment funds with the motive of developing organic agriculture and offering output commitments to farmers while connecting and encouraging exports to highly promising agricultural markets like Europe, the Middle East, China, Australia, and the United States, intending to promote an agriculture industry in line with the Vietnamese government's orientations in 2021-2025.

7ECO Company is introducing numerous significant projects in Vietnam in 2021

7ECO Vietnam has officially collaborated with many primary strategic partners to begin several essential projects in 2021 to change Vietnam's agriculture. This is a game-changing moment in Vietnam's agricultural revolution.

As a result, on April 20, 2021, at the Grand Hall of Saigon, the signing ceremony of investment and cooperation agreements among 7ECO Vietnam Company and various main strategic partners took place, thus fostering multilateral ties in leveraging new technologies for agricultural production industries in the future.

7ECO presented the 7ECO - "For A Green Future" project at the event as a powerful digital solution for Vietnam's resource, finance, administration, and human resources issues. It has created numerous opportunities for collaboration between individuals, companies, and partners interested in agricultural solutions and wants to incorporate data digitalization technology into innovative agricultural practices.

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