GV Gold Augments Production with the Help of Digital Technologies

By Applied Tech Review | Saturday, December 12, 2020

GV Gold, also called Vysochaishy, is one of the fastest-growing Russian gold mining companies, which has rolled out the Zyfra OpenMine fleet management system (FMS) at its Ugakhan Mine in Russias Irkutsk Region in Siberia.

FREMONT, CA: The implementation of the project has led to a year-on-year ore production volume increase of 11 percent. Zyfra OpenMine FMS developed by Zyfra Mining (former VIST Group), is a division of Zyfra Group, a Finnish-Russian industrial digitalization leader, collects and manages real-time information from mining equipment. Where required, individual sensors have been installed on mining trucks, excavators, dozers, and other equipment. After every loading and unloading, drivers can get the best route to the next location. All relevant data is available to excavator operators and truck drivers on the smart panels in their cabin, to the control room operators, and on the mobile devices as per the mine's choice.

The dynamic optimization module of Zyfras OpenMine FMS can distribute haul trucks along routes on the basis of a sophisticated multi-criteria optimization factor. The system also helps shift changes, break times, refueling, and so on, to be optimized in real-time and haul trucks loading parameters to be managed and tracked.

"The Zyfra Open Mine fleet management system has allowed us to optimize routes for mining equipment, reduce idle times and increase the productivity of dump trucks by 27 percent," states Mikhail Nartov, Deputy CEO for Operations at GV GOLD. "One of the important components of the system is the road quality monitoring. The heat map of the vehicle speed allows obtaining information about the road sections where the speed decreases. After those sections of road had been repaired, the average speed of the dump trucks increased by 3 km/hour, while fuel consumption decreased by over 7 percent." 

"At the Ugakhan Mine, there is a particular emphasis on the safety of mining operations. Using the speed control system has allowed us to substantially reduce the risk of accidents and increase road traffic safety,' says Evgeny Kharin, mine manager.

"Another Zyfra Mining solution implemented at the Ugakhan Mine "Zyfra Precision Drill "has significantly improved the drilling process with high-precision navigation on the blast hole grid and its further advantages. With a same number of drills, the blast volume has increased by 20 percent. With help of digital solutions, we can instantly increase the productivity of most mining operations by several percent, without need to purchase new production equipment," says Pavel Rastopshin, managing director at Zyfra.

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