Go Green with these Simple Measures, Enhancing Sustainability

Rachel Smith, Applied Technology Review | Tuesday, February 02, 2021

FREMONT, CA: From over-exploitation to environmental protection, industries and companies have come a long way. Achieving sustainability in business is made easy through these simple measures.

Business organizations are playing an active role in protecting the environment. Sustainability is essential at this point of time as the environment has become fragile after long decades of exploitation. Companies are responding to the need of the hour by incorporating green practices and sustainable processes as top priorities. An overhaul is not always necessary when adopting better practices. Through some actionable plans, companies can do well to protect the environment.


Making a company sustainable entails individual contribution from every employee. Employee participation is guaranteed by the formation of policies and through awareness. Ideally, companies must give the duty of leading the sustainability approach to a team which can put across the meaning and necessity of sustainability to all workers.


The solutions, in this case, shall be industry specific. Each company can come up with a set of policies that suit their functions and help them contribute to the environment. No company wants to compromise on profitability under any circumstances, and hence viable and affordable means are vital.


Starting with green practices might not seem easy to most companies. In such situations, it is better if companies approach and team up with other companies having similar environmental goals. Experiences and methods backed by use cases can help in more straightforward transformations. Joining forces works as a morale booster as well.


Make workplaces energy efficient and use recyclable stationery. Many factors determine the effectiveness of environmental strategies. Focusing on smaller aspects can lead to more significant changes in the long run. Cultivating good practices and encouraging employees to take up the cause is pertinent to bring about a shift in consciousness.


Going green isn’t just an option now. In many cases, compliance with environmental norms has become compulsory. Persisting with older practices can invite action due to non-compliance. The investors are also making it a point to check with sustainability before making deals with companies. This makes record keeping and audits mandatory. Documenting the changes and conducting external audits are integral so that companies can provide evidence to stakeholders.

In addition to protecting the environment, sustainability measures also enhance customer satisfaction and reduce wastage of finances and resources. Companies should start planning for taking up the cause if they still haven’t. 

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