Future of Ocean Tech

Rachel Smith, Applied Technology Review | Saturday, May 07, 2022

Fremont, CA: The sea landscape is changing with the development of technology. New trends arise out of necessity. Advances in shipbuilding, propulsion, smart transportation, advanced materials, big data and analytics, robotics, sensors and communications, as well as the increase in workforce skills, are transforming the way the maritime industry approaches new challenges and opportunities

Let’s explore some of the trends in ocean technology.

Big Data and Analytics         

IT infrastructure will be modernized to receive, store, and process data in real time. Archived data can be stored both onshore and offshore thanks to the support of communication technology. Cognitive systems will also serve as data interpreters for humanity. These systems will be able to combine machine learning and natural language processing to provide an intuitive interface between humans and machines.

Advanced Materials

The development of advanced materials for marine applications will be an important factor in improving ship performance. As new features are introduced, multifunctional capabilities can be created. A new generation of vessels with improved characteristics will appear. Internal smart functions can be designed for the relevant applications. This can include self-cleaning and self-healing materials, which have many advantages when it comes to safety and maintenance.


Design freedom, efficient customization, waste reduction and virtual inventory management will drive future shipbuilding technology. Along with improving the production efficiency of products, environmental impact is one of the main factors for the introduction of new shipbuilding technologies. For example, 90 percent of raw materials can be made using

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